Dr Forsythe Makes History as First Private Practice Physician to Author FDA Protocol

Well known Nevada medical oncologist and anti-aging physician, Dr James W. Forsythe M.D., H.M.D. was asked by the FDA to author the very first protocols for the use of human growth hormone (HGH) in the medical community across the nation. “This is the first time in the history of the FDA that they have asked a doctor in private practice to draw up the guidelines for using a drug,” says Dr. Forsythe‘s attorney Kevin Mirch.

The request came after an investigation by the FDA and the U.S. Attorney’s office into the use of human growth hormone in Dr. Forsythe‘s medical practice. After the 30 month federal investigation, not only was Dr Forsythe cleared of any wrong doing, but he was asked to help the FDA in establishing their HGH protocols. “This is a complete reversal of their original intentions when they went after my client two years ago,” adds Mirch.

Forsythe, age 68, has been a pioneer in integrative therapies and wellness medicine for more than thirty years. His Century Wellness Clinic and Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada have drawn thousands of patients from all over the world and have also turned Forsythe into an educator in his own profession.

“There is far too much misunderstanding in the medical establishment as to the efficacy of a number of alternative therapies such as hormone replacement therapy.” says Forsythe. “I’m sure this has been a learning experience for the FDA and the federal government and I am looking forward to working with the FDA in educating medical professionals and regulatory officials as to the best uses for human growth hormone.”

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Recently, Dr Forsythe co-authored a guide to alternative health, entitled The Ultimate Guide to Natural Health Quick Reference. The book is available through Boku International, makers of natural food and plant based supplements.

“I have never lost my passion to bring healing and hope to as many people as possible,” says Forsythe. His involvement in Boku International and his continued clinical work and research into plant-based medicines demonstrate his dedication to the art of healing.